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Currently closed to new OHP/Medicaid Patients

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Havilah & Jeremy Brodhead are Nurse Practitioners and the creators of Hearthside Medicine​ Family Care

Marie Mency, Nurse Practitioner 

Hearthside Medicine
Family/Primary Medical Care 
with an Integrative Focus

Our compassionate Family Nurse Practitioners can take care of all your primary care needs:

  • Pediatrics

  • Women's Health,

    • PAPs, & Hormones

  • Men's Health & Testosterone

  • Illness or Injury care

  • Chronic conditions not limited to

    • High Cholesterol​

    • Diabetes

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Mental Health

    • Intestinal problems

    • Thyroid Health

    • Migraines

    • And so much more!

Although we provide the care you would expect from any doctor's office, our knowledgeable providers go beyond simply diagnosing, screening, giving a specialist referral, and prescribing.


Our providers integrate diet, lifestyle, herbal, nutritional and holistic, natural medical approaches to further promote your health.  

We strive to foster a genuine patient-provider relationship, acknowledging that the mind, body, & spirit are intricately linked. We treat you as a whole, taking the time to learn about you, your past, your present, and your goals.

Our providers practice an integrative  medicine approach to health---scientifically sound medicine that focuses on preventing and healing disease from the inside out, starting with diet and lifestyle.


We are a progressive clinic with a very diverse population and want you to feel welcome, safe & home. 

We offer a small-clinic setting where you can choose to see the same provider each time and be offered conventional and/or holistic options for all your health needs. 

Primary/Family Care Medicine


Men's Health