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Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision is to foster a genuine patient-provider relationship, acknowledging that the mind and body are intricately linked. We treat you as a whole, taking the time to learn about you, your past, your present, and your goals.

We offer a small-clinic setting where you will see the same provider each time and be offered conventional and/or holistic options for all your health needs. 

Primary Care & Holistic Care

Infants, Children, & Teens 

Women's Health 

LGBTQ+ community and beyond

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Integrative Medicine
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Integrative Care for the Whole Family

Hearthside Medicine Family Care offers integrative and conventional primary care, and can serve as "PCP" for the purpose of insurance and general family care. 

Conventional medicine includes diagnosis, prescriptions, referrals, and small office procedures such as skin biopsy, suturing, splinting fractures, toe nail removal, acute and chronic health management, immunizations.


“Integrative medicine” is a specialty field of medical care and a newer term that emphasizes the integration of complementary therapies and conventional treatments. Integrative medicine combines the best of both worlds, with an emphasis on safety and evidence. For example, if our patients request a less conventional treatment or prescription, we can often recommend evidenced-based herbal options or non-conventional options that may be more "naturally-minded." 

Our nurse practitioner is trained in conventional family medicine, but through continuing medical education and self-learning, she enjoys providing patients the option of integrative medicine. 

To learn more about integrative medicine, read our BLOG

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