Hearthside Medicine Cycling Team


At Hearthside Medicine Family Care we believe in integrative health care where we help our patient's navigate not just their medical conditions but all the pieces of life that lead to health.  This is why we started the Hearthside Medicine Cycling Team to help spread the word about our practice by doing and encouraging an active holistic way of life!

2020 COVID-19 put a hold on many of our planned events and most races were canceled except for the High Cascade 100!   Our team is not comprised of professional racers like other teams.  We are regular people trying to stay fit and healthy.  

This is Jeremy after finishing the High Cascade 100 mile race!

He started and finished right from our clinic on Century Drive.

Jeremy HC100 2020 edited.jpg


  • Enduro races: Canceled due to COVID-19

  • Hearthside Community Events : Canceled due to COVID-19

  • High Cascade 100 (July 18th):  Jeremy Brodhead worked hard and tried a true training regiment for the 1st time ever cutting over 39 minutes (9hrs 37 min) from his 2019 time (10hrs 16min).   Mike Ripley did a great job of pulling off the event.  He, his family, and volunteers did a fantastic job keeping everything safe during COVID-19!    11th out of 37!

HC100 Mens results.png

2021:  What a great season!

  • April 3rd.  Mudslinger XC race in Blodgett OR.  19 miles of racing just 20 minutes west of Corvallis OR.  Jeremy Brodhead finished a solid 1st and Havilah finished 2nd while wearing a tutu and unicorn horn to start out the season!​​​​

2021-04-03 Mudslinger Race Results cropped.png
2021-04-03 Mudslinger Race Results cropped Havi.png
2021-04-03 Mudslinger Havi In Woods 2_edited.jpg
2021-04-03 Mudslinger Photo Collage.jpg
  • May 8th.  Chain Breaker XC race in Bend OR.  Fantastic race in our very own back yard!  Havilah Brodhead finished an amazing 1st and Jeremy Brodhead finished a solid 2nd while showcasing our new kit.


Jeremy Chainbreaker 2021 edited_edited.jpg
2021-05-08 Chainbreaker Havi & Jer after.jpg
2021-05-08 Chainbreaker results Havi.png
2021-05-08 Chainbreaker results Jer.png
  • May 30th.  Sisters Stampede XC race in Sisters OR.  Another great race in the Peterson Ridge trail complex!  Incredible swooping trails from the top down to the finish make for a super fast and exhilarating Race. Jeremy had a final head to head battle to the finish but was out sprinted in the end!  ​​​​

2021-05-30 Sisters Stampede Results Jer.png
  • July 10th.  Oregon 24 right in our backyard out of the Wanoga complex.  We had a great team, placed 15/53 for all teams and 5/14 for teams greater then 5.   Thank you Alexa, Chris, Justin, and David for joining the Hearthside Medicine Team!  This event is a blast!  You get to camp out at Wanoga with friends and family while taking turns flying along the 11 mile loop on upper Tiddlywinks, Kiwa Butte, and Dinah-Moe Humm.​​​​

2021-07-10 OR24 Havi bike 3_edited.jpg
2021-07-10 OR24 team_edited_edited.jpg
2021-07-10 Oregon 24 results.png
  • July 17th.  High Cascade 100 Race!  This is the big one!  Once again Jeremy accomplished his goal of beating his old 2020 times of 9hrs 37 min and his 2019 time of 10hrs 16min.  Lucky number 13th this year but that was out of 47 other riders.  No flats this year but his dropper got stuck in the low position at the top of Tyler's requiring him to stand and pedal to the finish!  ​​​​

2021-07-17 HC100 Results Jer.png
2021_HCH100_ Jer_ 1_edited.jpg