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Beth Buchanan MS, NTM, FMCHC 

Functional Nutrition Therapy 

Hearthside Medicine is now offering nutrition therapy services!  Beth Buchanan is a Functional Nutrition Therapist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.   

She would love to help support your health with a food and lifestyle forward approach.  Together you will create a plan to reach your health and wellness goals.


Being in the health and fitness field since 2003, Beth has worked with all ages and walks of life from individuals with MS, hormonal health support, autoimmune conditions, gut health and digestive disorder, blood sugar regulation and diabetes management and more.  

Beth specializes in...

personalized functional nutrition therapy and lifestyle support for:

  • Female hormonal health (menstrual cycle optimization, PCOS, infertility, perimenopause...)

  • Thyroid conditions (hypothyroid, Hashimoto's...)

  • Blood sugar regulation and diabetes management 

  • Autoimmune conditions of all types 

  • Gut Health and Digestive Disorders (SIBO, IBS, Candida, GERD...)

  • Adrenal function support and much more...

Beth partners with you to help make key diet and lifestyle changes and give supplement recommendations to accomplish a wide variety of goals or concerns. 


1st appointment is approximately 90 minutes and is $147 then $98 for any appointments after that typically monthly for at least 3 months.  Less then a massage but effects last much longer!

These 1:1 sessions are not covered by insurance. We do offer group sessions covered by insurance on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Stay tuned for these topics and classes!


Please call our scheduling staff 

with questions or to sign-u541 316 5693.

Nutrition Therapy services include... 

  • Initial assessment addressing significant concerns, blood work, and labs brought to the first session

  • Three or more follow-up sessions depending on individual needs

  • Co-design an overall health and wellness plan for your specific health concerns and goals

  • Food templates, resources, and individualized support for health concerns and goals

  • Targeted testing and supplement support where necessary

  • Close collaboration with your Nurse Practitioner throughout our time together 

Ask your provider for more information or call the office at 541-316-5693

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