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We are passionate about advocating for our patients and offer compassionate, inclusive, progressive care.

We provide comprehensive and compassionate care for all patients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) patients have historically been an underserved community with unique health needs. We aim to eradicate long-standing health disparities.

LGBT+ patients have specific health risks that need to be addressed.

National research has shown that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients are at increased risk for substandard, insensitive, or even abusive care due to stigmatization. 

We offer LGBTQ+ patients access to providers with experience and skills related to LGBT+ care.

We are skilled at performing an appropriate, sensitive and systematic physical examination to provide recommendations for applicable health screenings, risk factor reduction recommendations and wellness support based on relevant guidelines for the LGBTQ+ individual. We are also trained in adolescent and pediatric health.

We are trained to provide gender affirmation care to transgender patients of all ages.


The following services are offered:

  • Prescription of hormone therapy and surveillance.

  • Assistance with identification and gender marker changes.

  • Gender-affirming hormones

  • Medications to prevent hair loss

  • Referrals for hair removal

  • Referrals for gender-affirming speech/voice therapy

  • Referrals for top & bottom surgery

  • Pre & post-surgical support for gender-affirming surgeries 

  • Pediatric and adolescent care

  • Routine gynecologic care 

  • Pelvic examinations

  • Management of chronic or acute gynecologic conditions.

  • Screenings for disease, including cancers of the reproductive organs.

  • Treatment for high-risk diseases including HIV, AIDS, STIs/STDs, and provision of disease prevention options such as PrEP.

  • Testicular health 

  • Primary Care

  • Mental Health

  • Sexual Health

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